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A Sustainable Choice

For every meeting and event held at Hilton Sydney, we will pay to offset the carbon emissions generated by the use of our meeting room and the production of the food consumed.

And we will do this at no additional cost to you!

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For an environmentally friendly proposal call us on (02) 9266 2080 or email sydney@hilton.com

Carbon Offset

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is the process of measuring your company’s greenhouse gas emissions then compensating for, or ‘offsetting’, your emissions by investing in projects that reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emitted globally into the atmosphere. One carbon credit is equivalent to one tonne of CO2. Therefore, by purchasing a renewable energy credit, you’re preventing one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere.

Carbon offset projects in Australia and beyond

Climate change is a global issue that requires action at both the national and international levels. Climate Friendly’s objective is to enable our customers to support the rapid move to clean, renewable, energy which is the real solution to climate change.  We do this by offering both Australian GreenPower and international voluntary carbon offsets generated by a VCS certified project in Tasmania in Australia and in other worldwide locations.

We offer our clients the opportunity to purchase voluntary offsets from international renewable energy infrastructure projects in developing countries as well as Australian projects such as the Tasmanian native forest protection project. Such projects are both key to sustainable development and addressing the global problem of climate change. For more information on Australian offset standards, click here.

What is renewable energy ?

Renewable energy is energy that comes from an unlimited power source, such as wind and solar. Renewable energy is also clean energy, which means negligible greenhouse gases are released in the production of electricity from renewable energy compared with fossil fuels.